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Plint makes it easy to orchestrate just about any content project

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Plint offers solutions for cloud-based media localisation, workflow management and orchestration, which makes managing complex projects effortless. For freelancers, Plint makes it simple to accept and complete jobs. For content owners, Plint provides a bird’s eye view of project progress, as well as easy access to deliverables — all in one single portal.

Creating and maintaining workflows often takes up valuable time and resources. With Plint’s customisable templates, interlinked workflows are generated based on your project data. Suitable resources, in-house or external, are then automatically selected based on the criteria you choose.

Automatic notifications and built-in logic make sure that jobs are done in the right order, and that no time is wasted between. Most importantly, our technology is scalable to fit your project’s needs, from a one-off project to a customisable tool that you can make your own.

Plint Core

Plint provides a flexible way to orchestrate data, automate capture, localisation and distribution workflows. Using public or bespoke APIs, we can connect your content with all our services and tools.

“Plint allows you to build, manage and execute powerful and flexible workflows for content localisation or any other workflow driven project.”

Sander Van Luyn, Viacom

Plint Marketplace

Plint lets you create localisation ecosystems. By licensing Plint, you have full control over workflows, reports, financials, and everything else you need to manage, create and distribute your content.