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“After having collaborated with Plint for over 13 years, I know how much they value their translators' skills and hard work.”

Tina Shortland, Plint Translator

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Welcome to the world of Plint. We’re a dedicated team of people from all kinds of backgrounds – freelancers, developers, UX designer, project managers and writers – all come together to make a difference for our clients and each other everyday. It’s truly an exciting time to be in this industry and we’re proud to say that we have big plans for the future. Convinced that talent and craft will still be what makes true magic, and equally positive to all the possibilites artificial intelligence and machine learning now bring.

Our experience has taught us that being curious and having the courage to travel unknown paths is the key to true progress. Which is why we put a lot of effort into a culture of openness, collaboration and creativity — no matter what project we’re on, or which client we’re working for. One of the key factors to our success so far has been, without a doubt, our strong organisational culture. We cherish quality, competence and a safe and friendly working environment. And we believe that people who can bring their whole selves to work thrive both in and outside the office.

Our open positions

Our open positions

None at this moment, but things can quickly change.